Vehicle Tyre Fitters in Bedfordshire

If your car is due for an MOT any time soon, it is a good idea to make sure that you do everything you can to make sure that it will pass first time. Some of the most common reasons for an MOT failure include the lighting & signalling equipment, the brakes, driver’s view of the road and the tyres being in an unfit condition. It is quite an alarming fact to see that two of the most common reasons include defects which could potentially cause the driver to be involved in an accident – the tyres and the brakes. If the brakes on your vehicle aren’t functioning as well as you’d normally expect, that will serve as a very obvious warning sign that they need checking or replacing. However, most people don’t regularly check the condition of their tyres and might only realise something isn’t quite right when their car leaves the road or they suffer a dangerous blow-out.

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