Tyre fitters In Bedfordshire

Your tyres are an important part of your vehicle. Tyres problems account for 20% of all MOT test failures. Tyres should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are in good condition, and if they’re not, then you’ll want to take your car around to the nearest car garage.

Have you checked the tread depth? Are there bulges on the tyres or tyre? Have you been feeling vibrations in the car while driving? Perhaps some movement in the steering wheel? Your tyres could be the cause, and our tyre fitters at LA Autos can solve any tyre problem.

Based in Bedfordshire, we’ve been providing tyre services since 1983. We know what’s involved in delivering the very best car repair service. From MOT tests for your vehicle to general servicing, body repair work, tyre fitting and exhaust repair, we can meet all your needs.

A reliable, functioning vehicle is important for every motorist, whether you rely on it for your business or for daily trips here and there. We’ll ensure your car is thoroughly checked and repaired, then returned to you quickly.

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