Tyre Fitters in Bedford

Do you have a slow puncture? Are your tyres playing up? Perhaps you’re experiencing a juddering in the steering wheel whenever your car gets above a certain speed?

If you’re experiencing juddering in the car’s wheel then it might be your tyres need checking for imbalance or you might need one of your tyres replacing.

If your tyres are either unbalanced or not fully inflated then this can cause vibration and, in the longer term, damage to the car’s suspension. If you’re not sure what is causing the change in steering or possible vibration in your vehicle then it’s always advisable to drop your car in at your local car garage, and where better than tyre fitters LA Autos?

Time is precious, and every minute your car is off the road could either affect your business or at the least cause you inconvenience. At LA Autos we can supply and fit your car with any brand of tyre, often on the day the car is brought in. A trip to our garage in Bedford is all your car will need, and we’ll have it back up and running and on the road again as quickly as possible.

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