Tips for Keeping your Car Roadworthy and Safe

Being the owner of a vehicle provides you with a superb amount of freedom, however, with this there are certain responsibilities that as a vehicle operator you must abide by. Here at L.A. Autos, we love to give helpful advice and that’s why we’ve come up with tips for keeping your car roadworthy and safe.

  • Checks – Get in the habit of doing a daily inspection of your vehicle before you start a journey, from checking the tyres, oil, water levels through to the brakes and lights.
  • Report – If you do notice anything is wrong with you vehicle then make sure you promptly report it for safety defects and symptoms, make sure you take it to a reliable garage who can carry out a full inspection.
  • Log – Always keep an active log of an defect reports and work that needs to be made on the vehicle.

If you notice any problems with you vehicle and you are local to Bedford (Bedfordshire) then we would love to assist you. We only use the most highest of specification equipment to ensure you vehicle has the longest life possible.

For all enquiries and for bookings, please feel free to contact us on 01234 354 237 and we look forward to hearing from you.

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