MOT Testing in Bedford

The MOT test evaluates vehicle safety and roadworthiness, and the test is conducted annually. Your local car garage or MOT testing centre will be licenced to carry out the test on your vehicle, but the vehicle must be booked in for its test prior to the MOT expiry date as driving a vehicle whose MOT is out of date is illegal.

An MOT test covers many aspects of the vehicle, including checking the exhaust and emissions, lighting, steering, brakes, and the tyres and wheels. For a vehicle to successfully pass its MOT test it has to be roadworthy and it must meet environmental and road safety standards.

Any vehicle registered for use on the road must pass the test if it is to be on the road. In the UK, cars must be tested at the end of the third year (if new when bought) and thereafter tested on an annual basis.

The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure all vehicles, whether that’s cars, buses and motorcycles, comply with acceptable standards of roadworthiness.

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