Looking for a MOT test centre in Beds?

Driving a vehicle that is not sufficiently roadworthy is a danger to you, your passengers, and to other road users. This is what the MOT test checks: the roadworthiness of your vehicle. If an MOT test deems your car not roadworthy then you cannot legally drive it on the roads until the necessary repairs have been carried out and it has since passed its MOT.

An MOT test is all about checking that the car is safe to drive i.e. checking that everything which should be working is working. The MOT test checks the lights, the steering and suspension, the brakes, the tyres and road wheels, the engine, and the exhaust, fuel and emissions. If your vehicle passes its MOT test then your MOT certificate will be renewed for another three years, allowing you the freedom to continue to drive it on the roads.

LA Autos is a licenced MOT test centre, offering this facility to customers throughout Bedford and Bedfordshire. Our MOT test checklist covers everything required by an MOT test, while our technicians can carry out MOT testing on a range of vehicles, regardless of make or model.


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