Car Tyre Fitters in Bedfordshire

One of the most common reasons for visiting a garage is to have a car’s tyres repaired or replaced! You may need your tyres replacing due to a puncture, low tread depth or wear on one side. The most important thing to remember is to act quickly – as soon as you notice an issue with a tyre, get it fixed right away.

If you’re driving with a tread depth under 1.6mm, then you’re driving illegally! This is because a low tread depth results in reduced grip, which makes you much more likely to have an accident.

Whether you have a puncture whilst driving to work, find your tyres have failed on your MOT, or you think the tread depth is too low, then get in touch with LA Autos. LA Autos are experienced car tyre fitters in Bedfordshire, with many years of experience in all aspects of tyre repair and replacement. In addition to this, they also offer MOT services and body repairs. To find out more about LA Autos simply visit their website

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