Car Servicing in Bedfordshire

If your car is beginning to play up or it’s just time for the regular annual service, you will probably want to take your car to a friendly, reliable garage where you won’t get charged over the odds. As simple as this sounds, many people will find that they will suffer from one of two things:

  • Poor service – Your mechanic performing a bad job on the vehicle servicing either through inexperience or lack of effort and by replacing OEM components with cheap, low quality third party ones.
  • Paying too much – Even though your car was driving perfectly fine before you took it in, you might come back a few hours later to find that it needed new tyres, brakes and a starter motor! Some garages will advertise cheap servicing as a way to get customers in the garage and then they will insist on up-selling unnecessary work to produce a big bill at the end!

Before getting work done, it is always a good idea to pre-approve exactly what work is going to be carried out and at what cost – this way you won’t have any nasty surprises at the end. LA Auto Services are the best place for car servicing in Bedfordshire and you will be certain to receive a top quality service at an affordable price. Just visit

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