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Bedfordshire Auto Services

July 7, 2014

Whether your vehicle is brand new or ten years old, at some point in time, you will need to take it down to your local garage for servicing or repair. When this time comes around, you will want to … Read More»

Elite Vehicle Exhaust Fitters

July 2, 2014

If you have recently begun to notice your car make unusual sounds and noises whilst you were driving, you may have suspected that something was wrong with the engine. Although this is a possibility, … Read More»

Car Servicing in Bedfordshire

June 30, 2014

If your car is beginning to play up or it's just time for the regular annual service, you will probably want to take your car to a friendly, reliable garage where you won't get charged over the odds. … Read More»

Tyres in Bedford

June 5, 2014

As the only source of contact between your car and the surface of the road, the tyres are one of the single most important pieces of equipment when it comes to vehicle safety. Tyres, which are worn … Read More»

Engine Diagnostics Beds

June 5, 2014

One of the only lights no-one ever wants to see lit up is the engine management signal in their car. When it lights up, it could mean that any number of problems has been detected in your car, but … Read More»

Reputable Vehicle Servicing

May 28, 2014

Making sure that your vehicle is fit, healthy and running properly is the key to ensuring that you don't suffer from any unexpected and inopportune breakdowns. Although they can happen at any time, … Read More»

Vehicle Servicing

May 28, 2014

Did you know that studies have shown regular vehicle servicing can prevent a 10% reduction in fuel economy? Additionally, if you keep a record of each time your car is serviced, this will increase the … Read More»

MOT Test Centre in Bedfordshire

May 27, 2014

Even the most reliable cars need to visit the garage every so often for their annual MOT test. If your car is coming to the end of its MOT test period, you'll need to start thinking about where you're … Read More»

Car Exhaust Fitter in Beds

March 31, 2014

If your car isn't running quite as smoothly as usual and making excessive or slightly different noises than normal, it could be down to your exhaust. As well as filtering the exhaust gasses in order … Read More»

Top Car Service Centre in Bedford

March 9, 2014

Every vehicle owner will know how difficult it can be to find a garage that you can trust and rely on to give you a great service at a fair price. If your car suddenly develops a fault and leaves you … Read More»

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